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This actually made me cry. My dog is my best friend and I love her so much. My old man Shane used to be my best pal too and I had the best 11 years with him ever. I miss his big black face! I’m blessed to have my Ellie though, she’s literally me in dog form.

"He is my best friend and I am his but he will go to his grave having never known my name" Not only did I completely lose it, but how fucking selfish is it us to want them to remember us when all they do is already love is.

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Fyxation Makes your Bars Look Better from Fyxation on Vimeo.

A continuation of our photo and video shoot with the crew at COG magazine, shot over two days in the studio and one day on the streets of Milwaukee, this latest edit showcases our 2012 handlebar lineup. Track drops, pursuit bullhorns, rise or cafe bar; choose your bar, tape or grips to suit your ride.